WiFi Enabled Baby Monitors

There’s been a lot of talk lately about baby monitors that hook into your wireless network so that you can access them via your mobile phone. There have unfortunately been a few bad guys out there that have taken advantage of the fact that these are connected to the internet and hacked into them.

I don’t know about you but there is nothing scarier to me than imagining that some random dude is watching my little baby sleep at night.

Anyway, it’s not all bad. I’ve found these devices to be really cool in most respects, and provided you clamp down the security aspect of your wireless network you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Actually the only problem I had was that the wireless signal in the nursery was not all that great. But I was luckily able to solve this using a range extender. You can check out Bestevaer to find the best wifi range extender for you.

With the signal issues solved I’ve found the ability to monitor the little guy from my phone to be a really handy thing and I recommend it to everyone.


Choose The Best Baby Sleeping Bag At The Best Price

A baby sleeping bagParents instantly feel the call to protect and love their infant. Newborns basically need to be fed, changed and put safely to sleep; and most parents are left needing to catch up on sleep. Mothers get taught these basic skills along with how to encapsulate their infants in a wrapper; which might be frustrating to many as the teeny bodies tend to constantly slip under the folds of these blankets; which in fact could be life threatening; therefore one should look at investing in Baby Sleeping Bags.

Inventing this product was meant to teach parents on the dangers of not placing their babies flat on their backs to sleep. This came about after the reported deaths among infants rose due to little ones suffocating after being set on their tummy to sleep. Up until a few months of age most are not able to either lift their heads up or adequately able to get untangled from bedding or clothing while asleep; this is known as Cot death or SIDS.

The 90s saw an all out campaign on making parents aware of this danger. One particular father that had lost a baby girl due to this designed a blanket that would assist in eliminating this threat. This design was an innovative sack-like blanket.

These days, one will be able to find this being sold via numerous manufacturers that have made a few adaptations to try and make their items unique however they are truthfully still much alike in their overall design principals. Almost all are made up of safe materials with a warm cozy feel to them and incorporate a single zip along the bag’s length, spanning the whole bottom end or top. Even though the original idea was aimed at infants it is used for older kids as well.

One will find that manufacturers are now offering their ranges from birth all the way through to 6 year olds. Basically the main intention is to eliminate the use of blankets and only use this bag; which is beneficial as the little ones will not be able to kick them selves open while sleeping. This in turn means that there will not be any infants waking due to being cold during the evening, particularly in winter.

Sound advice on child rearing suggests that getting into a good routine helps to make a child feel secure. Bedtime rituals should stay the same and incorporating zipping a baby into a bag could become a signal that it is time to sleep. Even fussy infants will be able to sleep even when in unfamiliar places.

Many times a wrapped infant’s blanket will snag on the cot and jar them awake. Numerous parents will be able to identify with this scenario. Yet with this bag this is no longer a problem.

Baby Sleeping Bags come in velour fabrics and numerous printed fabrics as well. There are sleeved and sleeveless versions available depending on the season. Those people looking to purchase one of these items can go to their nearest store or order on line at www.lullabylaneaustralia.com.au. Also be sure to check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/lullabylaneaustralia.